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Aloha friends! We welcome you to Makawao Coffee Co.. From our coffee-loving hearts to yours, we are proud to offer you one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted Makawao Coffee, direct from eastern Maui. Our coffee beans grow in the heart of upcountry, on the Northwest slope of a volcano called Haleakala. Makawao (pronounced MAH-kah-wow) means “edge of the rainforest” in Hawaiian and this region provides our beautiful coffee trees with an ideal balance of fresh mountain rain and sparkling sunshine.

Makawao Coffee Co. Estate Farm

Our delicious coffee is known as single origin because it is grown, harvested and processed all in one location. The coffee beans are carefully cultivated through organic methods on the Makawao Coffee Co. Estate Farm, a home away from home to Mike and Nancy Miller of Orange, Virginia.

Nancy and Mike both love coffee and understand the natural and personal value of having access to an exceptional cup – or several — every day. “As a couple, we drink coffee together every morning before we leave for work, and then continue to enjoy it during the day,” says Nancy. They noticed the unique flavors of Maui beans years ago and wanted everyone on the East Coast to be able to enjoy fresh Hawaiian coffee as well!

Mike and Nancy have owned the land in Maui as Awalua Farm since 2003. In 2013, they embarked on their dream of transforming the property into a coffee farm, planting 80 trees in the first year. In the years that followed, they brought in seeds from award-winning coffee growers, which they germinated and planted until their lush farm of 8,000 trees was established.

Makawao TeamMakawao Coffee is roasted at a historic and picturesque facility in Downtown Orange. We roast in small batches to ensure our standards of supreme quality are maintained. The coffee is known for its full, crisp taste: a unique melody composed of notes of earthy, sweet chocolate, smooth buttery flavor, hints of hibiscus and honey, low acidity and zero bitterness. As one of our satisfied customers said, “Your coffee is exceptional. Maybe it’s’ the volcanic soil, possibly the sea breeze or Maui weather.”

Mahalo! — we thank you — for visiting us and we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest coffee news and developments. Visit our online store for the purchase of sumptuous coffee and lovely Makawao mugs.

Bag of Makawao Coffee, Mike Miller and crew loading coffee silos

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